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We partner with the best and most experienced full-service
energy advisors to help you manage energy prices, mitigate risk exposure, and reduce expenditures.

What Sets Us Apart is unparalleled access to global wholesale energy markets, prices, and information that translates into better informed decisions and savings. Rest assured that our agents are competing to find the best deal possible while maintaining total price transparency.

Since 1986, our partners have advised over 3,000 clients in the energy commodities market. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we provide the best customized solutions available. | 888-610-6226 | 2701 Fondren Drive, Suite 106 Dallas Texas, 75206

Full-Service Energy Management Solutions

Energy Procurement & Supply Management

  • Electricity, natural gas, and fuels
  • Supplier vetting and management
  • Customized reverse-auction RFPs

Strategic Risk Management

  • Exposure analysis
  • Hedging recommendations

Market Research & Intelligence

  • Wholesale energy market access and pricing
  • Primary research reports
  • Regulatory and legislative tracking

Post-Contractual Client Service

  • Rate verifiation and account switching
  • Account and billing issue resolution

Data Management & Reporting

  • Usage and cost tracking
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Performance monitoring

Tariff Rate & Tax Analysis

  • Utility bill audits and cost recovery

Bill Processing & Payment

  • Process, validate, and pay utility invoices


  • Renewable energy procurement

Demand-Side Management

  • Demand response programs
  • Energy effiency audits

    2701 Fondren Drive
    Suite 106
    Dallas, Texas 75206