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Telecom Solutions

Network Services

The need for increased bandwidth continues to go up exponentially year-by-year.
Drivers can range from a need to access cloud services to an increasingly distributed workforce. Whatever the cause, a well-designed and operated network is a vital part of any IT solution. Organizations demand trusted partners and world-class service options that can scale reliably.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

UCaaS is the next big leap in productivity gains and competitive advantage through improved decision making and problem solving. Now, the trend has moved to the cloud. UCaaS is a powerful outsourced delivery model for communication and collaboration applications delivered over an IP network.

Cloud Solutions

Viking has earned a reputation for innovation. Cloud Solutions continues this legacy at a time when partners need an unprecedented level of guidance. Everybody is looking to the cloud, but with so many new service providers in the emerging market, it can be incredibly difficult to identify a cohesive strategy. You need an informed advisor who can keep you off of cloud ‘islands’ where data integrity, application integration, and security are at risk.


    2701 Fondren Drive
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