Turn Accounts Payable

into Already Paid.

With fully automated Accounts Payable in the cloud, we’ll help you reduce processing costs by more than 70%, shorten cycle times, and capture all possible discounts from suppliers.


Scan, Email, Import, eInvoice, iPhone


Workflow to code and post to GL account


Workflow to automate the approval process


Workflow to validate and launch payment


Export to your financial system (more than 50 supported)

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Accounts Payable Automation

Reduce costs by 70%

  • Purchase requisition, workflw approval, purchase order import from ERP and automatic matching of invoice and PO for approval.
  • Capture and management of expense reports with attached receipts, contracts and other documents.
  • Supplier self-service to verify data, submit invoices, exchange messages for rejections and discount negotiations, thus reducing supplier phone calls.

Eliminate paper, reduce cycle time, and get discounts

  • Entry, approval, and payment can all have multiple steps and multiple routes with conditions.
  • Alerts, escalations and delegations can be easily activated.
  • Avoid late payment penalties, supplier calls and capture all possible discounts from suppliers.

Zero risk

  • Start for free
  • No usage costs
  • Cancel anytime

Be mobile

Capture documents, approve invoices, search for documents and use the dashboard to visualize KPIs and graphs. Traveling staf can timely interact with AP documents and monitor AP process activities anytime, anywhere

Stop wasting time searching for lost documents

Search and retrieve documents based on any word that was printed on the document. Users can find documents quickly – making traceability, auditing, and monitoring a breeze.

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